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Saturn Rising – Premium Top Shelf


Saturn  wastes no time before transporting its consumers into a different world. Sometimes before they’ve even fully exhaled its thick smoke, users may feel an increased blood pressure around the temples and cheekbones, as well as an increase in salivation. As these strange tics subside, smokers may notice an uptick in the pace and intensity of their thinking. Certain ideas may suddenly seem more intense or absorbing; at the same time, previously unseen connections may spring up between seemingly unrelated concepts. This kind of plugged-in, freely-associative mindset may help users accomplish work on detailed analytical tasks. If used in social, party-like settings, Saturn’s mental stimulation may also spill over into friendly, lively conversation or even downright giddiness.

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Saturn Rising’s Effects :

  • Body Relaxation
  • Tension Reliever
  • Imaginative


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