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Maui Daze Small Nuggs – Premium Top Shelf SALE


As with many pure sativa strains, Maui’s buzzy effects take hold quickly. Smokers may feel a sudden tingle or a pressure around the eyes and forehead. Some changes to sensory perception can be expected, ranging from intensified sights and sounds to powerful feelings of time dilation. As users adjust to these odd sensations, they may also notice that their thoughts take on a fast-paced, freely-associative character. This cerebral mindset can be useful for accomplishing task-based, analytical work, as well as more open-ended creative pursuits. Maui’s high may also be a good way to enhance mundane activities like cleaning the house or running a long list of errands. When shared in social settings, this strain may spark easy conversation and camaraderie among friends and strangers alike. Consumers should note that in certain circumstances, this bud’s intense, recursive patterns of thought can prove disorienting or overwhelming.




Maui comes with almost no discernible physical effects, leaving consumers mobile and clear-headed enough to power through a busy agenda. Because of its stimulating effects and relative lack of couchlock, Maui is best enjoyed during the day — it makes an ideal wake-and-bake strain


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